Learning About Bees and Honey

The property management firm that owns the building that my company is in engaged with a bee keeping service earlier this year to place and maintain a bee hive on their property (they own a reasonable amount of real estate in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area). As I understand it, you pay the service to … [Read more…]

Kritters of Kauai

We had a great time capturing photos and videos of a number of species of birds, reptiles, and fish while on Kauai. A minute fraction of everything that is there, but still an incredible experience. We brought an underwater camera(a cheap Go Pro knockoff that performed quite well) hoping to do a little filming while … [Read more…]


On our first full day on Kauai, we went to a luau at the Hyatt Grand Resort on Poipu beach. The evening was great fun, with tons of good food, music, and a variety of dancers. Below are some videos and pictures from the evening.

Lydgate Beach

The Hilton Garden Inn we stayed at was located adjacent to Legate Beach. The beach is notable because of the protected pools available for swimming. The pools were created in 1970 by placing large rocks approximately 100 yards off the beach. While the rocks don’t completely eliminate the surf, they drastically reduce it, making the … [Read more…]

Arriving in Kauai

We flew direct from San Diego to Lihue airport, on the eastern side of Kauai. The flight was slightly under 6 hours, and we arrived in the middle of the afternoon. The airport, like a number of buildings on Kauai is designed to be open air in a lot of locations. This allows one to … [Read more…]


The family decided to visit Claudia’s dad’s hometown. His family owned several different houses and businesses in the town over the years, so this is very much the ancestral homeland of Claudia and the kids. Being members of the Greek Orthodox Church, the family is used to friends visiting the islands and regions of Greece … [Read more…]

My Introduction to Paris

All went well with our flight out of San Diego. We were on a very modern 787, which had some nice inflight capabilities. We were on Norwegian air, which is also a pleasant airline to deal with, for the most part, but don’t try to reach customer service on the weekend. I had purchased our … [Read more…]