Swiss Travelogue 2019

Our previous travelogue, from 2000, seemed to have some staying power (and a source of endless amusement for Lilo over the fact that it was written in the third person), so I decided to attempt a repeat on our latest adventure. I think we should start with some background on this trip.

The major motivation to go this year was for Lilo (Elisabeth Charlotte) to meet her great aunt, after whom she was named. We felt it important that we make this trip sooner, rather than later, so this year it was. Of course, visiting the rest of the family, and having the kids see the country of which they are citizens were also priorities. Unfortunately, traveling with the family is expensive no matter where you go, but particularly in Europe, so it was difficult to go in the years between. Of course, there was one additional significant obstacle, which is that Andrew and I are in wheelchairs. To some of the more adventurous members of the family, we actually appeared adventurous for attempting this. To a certain extent, my version of the travelogue will focus on accessibility here in Switzerland, so be warned!

That being said, this is the first page of the travelogue. I think I will do this as sort of a blog approach. This page will be the posting page. We’ll see how it goes.

Unfortunately, I never made much progress on this. Hopefully I can go back through old pictures and capture a few more thoughts.